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Welcome to

KBS Inculcation

Get to know about us and our initiative.

Our Philosophy

Since the inception of KBSI in the year 2010, our philosophy is to delve deep into the intricacies of South Indian Classical Carnatic music and learn the art for art's sake. The learning process is not driven by the goal of solely performance or display. We believe that learning this artform is a lifelong endeavor.

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Our Guru

Our Guru Sri. K. Sathyanarayanan, popularly known as Keyboard Sathya is a prolific artiste, composer and music producer. He has established the keyboard as a lead melodic instrument for Indian Classical Music. His successful journey has inspired students of music around the world to learn Indian Classical music on keyboard. KBS Inculcation is Sathya’s initiative to share his aesthetics of music and techniques on the keyboard.

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Courses We Offer

At KBS Inculcation, we offer Carnatic music lessons on the keyboard and vocal music sessions. 

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