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Our Guru

Our guru Sri. K. Sathyanarayanan has been a pioneer in bringing the keyboard, a western music instrument to South Indian music and a pathbreaker in creating techniques to make the instrument suitable for Indian Classical music. A child prodigy, one could say, born for the art form, through time has evolved into a multifaceted musician, performer of various genres, music composer, music producer as well as a respected teacher. 


He was initiated in music by his grandfather ‘Sangeetha Bhushanam’ Sri. Embar Sadagopan has also been mentored by eminent vidvans Kum. A. Kanyakumari, Mandolin Sri. U. Shrinivas and Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna. Trained in Western Classical music, Sri. Sathyanarayanan has created a distinct fingering technique and style to suit Carnatic Music on keyboard. 


He has developed new techniques to produce authentic nuances, intricacies and ‘gamakas’ which are integral to Carnatic Music, on a keyboard. He has also created sounds on the keyboard which are unique to this genre of music which is being used by students and performers around the world. His innate musicality and sense of aesthetic translate delicately on what can be otherwise simply termed as a keyed instrument. What he has made appear simple, is years of honing his musical aesthetic coupled with constant innovation, practice and determination. 


With over 20 years of experience in the field, the name Sathyanarayanan has now become synonymous with the keyboard and he has earned the respect and acclaim from senior exponents in the field of Classical Music. He was conferred the Highest State Honour from Tamil Nadu Government - ‘Kalaimamani’ Award at the age of 23. He is India's first ‘A GRADE’ Artist of ALL INDIA RADIO and an ICCR empanelled artiste for Indian Classical Music on Keyboard. He is one of the world's youngest to finish the GRADE 8 Examination from Trinity College of Music, London. Sri. Sathyanarayanan is a LIMCA RECORD holder and has been conferred with several awards like ‘Keyboard Samrat’, ‘Asia's Wonder Kid, ‘Youth Icon’ to name a few. He also holds a Postgraduate degree in Music.

Sri. Sathyanarayanan has established KBS Inculcation, a music initiative with students globally, learning classical music on keyboard and vocal in his unique style. Today, Sri. Sathyanarayanan is an inspiration for people across generations to take up playing Indian Music on Keyboard.

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