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Frequently Asked Questions
answered by
Sri. K. Sathyanarayanan

1. Do you take Carnatic Keyboard classes?

A. Yes, KBS Inculcation is my music learning initiative where I mentor over 100 students all around the world. Trainers and student trainers at various levels guide learners. The student's learning and progress are monitored by me through forms updated by the trainers and trainees after every session.


2. Where are the classes conducted?

A. We are based in Chennai, India. Classes are conducted in our premises for students residing in Chennai and on Google Meet for students living outside Chennai/Abroad. Due to the pandemic, we have adapted the training to a fully online mode for all students, even those residing in Chennai. We have been successful in our efforts to keep up the momentum of musical learning in students and have filled the void of physical classes. We have our sessions on Google Meet as it is viable for use in all countries.


3. What is the curriculum?

A. We follow the traditional syllabus of learning Carnatic Music starting with Sarali Varisai-s, Janta Varisai-s and so on. The content and methodology are uniquely crafted for the keyboard by me. As a student progresses in the learning process, she/he increases their repertoire and finer nuances of the artform and the instrument. Students are initiated only from the basics even if the student has past experience on keyboard or in Carnatic Music. This is to maintain a standardised technique and understand the baani of handling the instrument and music.

4.  What keyboard should I buy to start my learning?

A. If a new keyboard has to be purchased, any model having a pitch bender is acceptable to understand the concept of fingering techniques and pitch bender for a beginner. As we get to an advanced stage of learning, a more professional keyboard will be suggested. If a student already owns a keyboard with the pitch bender, they can learn basic lessons using this instrument.


5. Class duration, is it solo or group class and what is the fee structure? 

A. We have two options for the duration –

- 20 to 30 minutes

- 50 to 60 minutes

Sessions are conducted one on one. We suggest taking 2 sessions a week with at least a two-day gap for practicing. Fee structure will be discussed over a call with the coordinator.


6. How long is the course and is there a provision for the student to directly take higher levels of syllabus?

A. Any artform is a universe by itself. Each one has the possibility to explore it at their own pace. The syllabus of Carnatic music on keyboard has been specially curated keeping in mind the unique facets of Carnatic music and its application on keyboard. We advise the student to go through a methodical learning process and we do not skip any portion of the syllabus as each step of the process is required to get the understanding and becomes the basis for the next step. Only after complete understanding and ability to achieve the required proficiency, the student proceeds to the next step.

7. Performances, competitions and other opportunities for the student.. ?

A. As stated in our philosophy, the learning process is not driven by the goal of solely performance or display. However, after reaching a level of proficiency, students are identified and encouraged to appear for select competitions and performances. It is mandatory for the student to take permission and guidance from the institution before appearing for any competition/ event/ performance featuring Carnatic Music on Keyboard. Until required proficiency is attained, students are suggested to focus on the learning process only.


8. I am interested in joining. What is the next step?

A. The next step is to call the coordinator to express your willingness to learn from KBSI, get to know the fee structure and other details for registering. We have adopted online tools for class scheduling, feedback after session, etc. You will get access to forms in which you can request sessions, update sessions, update fee transactions, etc.


We also have an active forum for non-musical activities for students and their families to engage and encourage other talents and skills of their peers. Exclusive access is granted for these activities for students of KBSI.

 For any further details and clarifications contact us.

Reach out and contact us to embark on your musical journey with KBS Inculcation :)

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