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About Us

KBS Inculcation is a music learning initiative founded by Sri. K. Sathyanarayanan in the year 2010. With the aim to share his musical experiences, aesthetics and techniques, KBSI has now become a family of over 100 learners around the world.


KBSI focuses on a holistic approach in understanding the nuances of Indian Classical Music. Students have the opportunity to learn keyboard and vocal music. A personalised and interactive teaching methodology has been curated for learners across all age groups to understand various aspects of this traditional artform. 

Students of KBSI have given solo and group performances during the December Music Season in Chennai, and in other forums like corporate events and wedding receptions. Our students have been recipients of scholarship awards by organisations such as CCRT (Centre for Cultural Resources and Training) and Bharat Kalachaar. They have also participated in various competitions in India and global level competitions as well. 


Students are encouraged to interact with their peers and develop an interest in music and music related subjects. Special events like Music Premiere League - an event where students quiz each other,  Chamber concerts and interactive sessions are organised periodically.

KBSI has become a sought-after forum to learn Indian Classical Music on keyboard under the mentorship of our guru Sri. K. Sathyanarayanan who believes that - ‘Musical learning is a lifelong endeavor and every step in this process is progress towards understanding one’s self and the artform’.

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